THE VOICE OF OUR ANCESTORS                                        IBIZA ~ MAY 17,18,19 ~ 2019

We are pleased to present
3 days to experience and learn from THE DOGON ANCIENT WISDOM

The Patriarch of the modern civilization can be traced to the Ancient Greeks philosophers like Plato, Aristos, Pythagoras etc. Those ancient Greeks went to Africa (Ancient Egypt) for their education. Actually records shows that they never finished their education but ended up presenting themselves as Enlightened men and influence the modern world till today. The Greeks revered the language spoken by those Africans who taught them, they called it the ‘Language of the Gods’, Sacred glyphs (Hieroglyphs). The Dogons were the spiriual teachers, masters, and initiates at the mystery schools in the Nile and Niger valley. Dogon are a group of bloodlines who dedicated themselves as keepers of knowledge at the upper echelon of the Pharaonic society. When they forsaw the many invations, they migrate in order to preserve the sacred knowledge.

When the French anthropologist, Marcel Griaule and team visited the Dogon, a blind priest told them about Sirius star system. The French tream didn't realize that their capital city in France is named after Sirius star. The Dogon elder opened a small part of the mystery on Sirius star system and many speculations and misunderstandngs were written by different authors.

Now you get a chance to hear direct from a Dogon initiate. In this workshop, the Dogon will tell us about those mysteries that were reserved only for the initiates, during 3 days in 6 modules.


Friday 17: Divine Holy Day: Kemetic Meditation in white, and lectures
10-14hs ~ Human Destiny Part 1 - Where do we come from
16-20hs ~ Part 2: Reincarnation & the wondering spirit.

Saturday 18: Sirius star Mystery
10-14hs ~ Notion of time & space and spirituality
16-20hs ~ Sirius A, B, C in Orion constellation

Sunday 19: How to Spiritually clean negative energy from your home and your body
10-14hs ~Importance of Ancestors, spirit guide, entities in channelling/accessing
                spiritual world
16-20hs ~Approach to spirit dimensions/Akashic records (practical workshop on
               purification and protection)

Contrary to widespread belief, the Dogon are not just a small tribe that lives in Mali. Dogon bloodlines include the families of Naba (healers/priests), Woba (farmers), Yonlis (guardians of the kingship), Kediou (builders), Mende (blacksmiths), etc. These bloodlines are found in tribes such as Gourmantche, Chibisi, Dogomba, Farafara, Sonike, Germa, etc.

The Earth Center, as a non-profit institution established by the spiritual professionals (Nabas) of the Dogon culture, belongs to the Ancestral and Divine world. Dogon Elders of the continent of Meritah support the mission of The Earth Center as dictated by the Gods and Ancestors of the shrines they maintain. Nabas specialise in spiritual knowledge including astronomy, geomancy etc they are also linked to the enigmatic Nabatean people mentioned in historical texts.

Wahibptah Fahkara and other Dogon initiates will be sharing initiatic knowledge as preserved by the Dogon.

WahibPtah is a Dogon initiate, cultural activist, Researcher, Lecture, and a teacher of philosophy and spirituality. A spirit coming from the vestibule of worship and of enlightenment, working towards order and balance, illuminating the depth of the minds.

Hoping to share, transform and raise the frequency of the Planet & YOURSELF !
Learn from the extensive knowledge of the Dogon and enjoy a super mágical workshop .


45 Euros per module / 90 euros per day - you can choose the module you can attend morning or evening, or both. Get 6 modules for 240 euros
We want to support the Dogon so we recommend this energy exchange, but you are
welcome to give more if you feel to support some of the projects in Africa. We'll apreciate.

One to one consultantion and healing sessions for healers, chanellers, & spiritualist by appointment only. 150 Euros.

What to bring:
Your bottle of water , a book and pen, some warm cover for the evening cold
Only on the 17th: If possible wear white loose cloth (not tight) for Dogon yoga

If you want to enjoy the lunch break with the Dogon you can choose the vegetarian Menú: 15 euros (optional) You need to book one day in advance.

Once you confirm your attendance, we will provide more details about the place, It will be in a beautiful Ibicencan house near Santa Gertrudis, in the middle of nature.

To book & receive more info email:
Julieta: WhatsApp: +34 660730826

With love &  consciousness